Our History

Traditionally sold in the carts of the "kulfiwallahs" in cone shaped moulds and earthern 'matka' pots on the atmospheric streets in the towns of India, ASHARFI – KING OF KOOL KULFI brings the ubiquitous regal dessert to the people, prepared with that same royal finesse using exotic imperial ingredients such as rose, cardamom, and saffron. So step into the recreated kulfi zone to live that nostalgia of childhood once again and return with just one thought - "Simply kulfi!!"To the people of the sub-continent - the kulfi-street aims to conjure up delicate memories of subtle nutty flavours, enjoyed chatting with friends on a nostalgic street corner. And to the new comer, we hope to inspire and open your taste buds to the mysteries of the East!


While history does not point to one specific inventor, Mughal emperors who reigned in the 16th to 19th centuries in India are thought to have 'patented' kulfi. Inhabitants who lived near the Himalayas had come across freezing methods that they applied to sweets & desserts, so kulfi can be aptly nick named the HIMALAYAN ANCESTOR OF ICECREAM. Kulfi was also served as a gourmet dessert in the lavish durbars of the Emperors and Maharajas.


The Mughals are believed to be the precursors of the Kulfi, therefore it is only fitting that our 'Royal dessert' flavours, created with carefully selected ingredients are titled after all things Mughal…….to transport you back to that era of gourmet pleasures.